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For these examples, we mordanted our silk, then let it dry before doing our designs, but you can apply the shibori before or after mordanting.

Step 1

materials ntural dye kit

Gather your materials

1 silk scarf

Step 2

tight knot natural dye kits

Tie your twine in a super tight knot. We started at the corner of the fabric, but you can start from anywhere.

Step 3

wrap shibori natural dye kits

Tightly wrap your twine around the draped fabric. The twine is what is creating the resist, so be sure to tie it tightly.

Step 4

tied shibori natural dye kits

Our fabric got a little wonky, but that's okay! Pre-wet your bundle, then add it to your dye bath.

Step 5

final product natural dye kits

 Voilá! Another beautiful one-of-a-kind silk scarf dyed in our Osage Natural Dye Kit.

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