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Natural Dye Kits


We are so excited to debut our newest adventure, Natural Dye Kits! Our kits are the perfect way to experiment with and explore the magic of natural dyes. Each kit includes: 1 silk scarf, alum mordant, dye material, and twine for optional shibori. You can find easy step-by-step instructions here, along with design tips and tricks here.

You'll need a stainless steel pot to pre-mordant your fabric using our foodsafe alum. Everything else can be done in its own mason jar! Our kits make natural dyeing a breeze, and your mordant and dye bath can be re-used to keep the fun going.

We offer 5 stunning colors to choose from: Osage (sunshine yellow), Cochineal (bright magenta), Chamomile (soft butter yellow), Cutch (café au lait brown), and Marigold (golden yellow).

Osage wood chips come from the Osage Orange tree and were used to dye khaki uniforms in WWI. Osage yields bright, sunny yellow.

Extracting color from the females, Cochineal insects have been used to dye fabric, cosmetics, and food as early as 2nd Century BC. Cochineal yields sensational magenta.

Chamomile flowers have been used as a calming and medicinal infusion for thousands of years. Chamomile flowers yield soft, buttery yellows.

Cutch is an extract derived from the wood of the Acacia Catechu tree. High in tannin, cutch is extremely colorfast and yields sumptuous, café au lait browns.

Marigold flowers have historically been used throughout the world for their medicinal, religious, and decorative properties. Marigold flowers yield dazzling golden yellows.

100% of the packaging and shipping materials used to make these kits are recyclable, reusable, and/or compostable.

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