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Eco-Dye Silk Robe :: 2nd Collab with Goli June :: CAN BE MADE TO ORDER




(certain conditions apply to made-to-order)

We are so excited to collaborate with Goli June again!

These robes are ideal for you and your bridal party, getting your makeup done, or simply for lounging around the house and engaging in some good self care! Made of 100% silk, our robes were hand-dyed and handmade in our Chicago studio.

Available in small, medium and large. Model pictured is a size 8 and wearing a size M. Hand wash or dry clean only.

S: 0-4

M: 6-10

L: 12-16

20% of the proceeds are donated to the Chicago Period Project.

About the dying process:

Natural dyes are dyes that are derived from biological sources such as plants, animals, lichens, and minerals. Prior to 1856 when the first synthetic (human-made) dye was discovered, natural dyes were the only way to dye fabric. Each region throughout the world has discovered and developed their own methods and materials for naturally dyeing fabric

Natural dye materials vary in color depending on region, harvest season, and weather. It is part of its beauty that no two dye batches will ever dye exactly the same.

These luxurious silk robes have been dyed with 100% sustainable food remnants composed of yellow and red onion skins, leftover coffee grounds, and turmeric powder. To achieve the beautiful watercolor design, Amy used the eco-dye technique, a method that transfers pigment directly from botanical materials onto fabric, creating one-of-a-kind colors and patterns on the silk.

For this project, Amy used 2 lbs of used coffee grounds, 1 lb of turmeric powder, and 1 lb of onion skins to dye the silk.

Big thanks to
Bungalow by Middle Brow for sharing their leftover onion skins.

Fun fact: It took 100 lbs of onions to collect 1 lb of onion skins!