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For these examples, we mordanted our silk, then let it dry before doing our designs, but you can apply the shibori before or after mordanting.

Step 1

natural dye kit materials

Gather your materials

1 silk scarf

Step 2

fish scale shibori natural dye kit

Starting with the twine placed at the bottom of your fabric, tightly roll your fabric around the twine, sort of like you're rolling sushi. In this example, we rolled from the corner, but you can do this from any edge.

natural dye kit shibori

Your rolled fabric should look something like this. 

Step 3

scrunch shibori natural dye kit

Now tightly scrunch the sides of your fabric tube down. Tie and knot the twine to keep it secure. The tighter your roll + scrunch are, the more white space there will be in your final product. For more color, make your rolling and your scrunching a little looser.

Step 4

scrunch natural dye kit shibori

Pre-wet your bundle, then add it to your dye bath.

Step 5

cochineal shibori natural dye kit

 Voilá! Another beautiful one-of-a-kind silk scarf dyed in our Cochineal Natural Dye Kit.

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