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Plum Dandy Brief


I am so excited to debut Ms Amy Taylor's newest style! Our brief cut undies are made of sumptuously soft Tencel and are completely elastic-less to provide maximum style and comfort. 

The Plum Dandy Brief is dyed with Marigold, Cochineal, Gallnut, and Iron Salts

Extracting color from the females, Cochineal insects have been used to dye fabric, cosmetics, and food for over 600 years. Cochineal yields sensational fuchsias, scarlets and lavenders.

Marigolds have historically been used throughout the world for their medicinal, religious, and decorative properties. Marigold flowers yield dazzling yellows.

The Gallnut in this style come from the galls of oak trees. Oak Galls form when a parasitic wasp attempts to infect the oak tree, so the oak grows and expels a durable gall around the wasp to protect itself. Gallnut is high in tannin and reacts beautifully to the addition of iron salts.

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