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Zero Waste Scrunchies :: Collaboration with Goli June


We are so excited to collaborate with Goli June to bring you naturally dyed, zero waste scrunchies! Sold in packs of three, these scrunchies are a beautiful way to use up Goli's extra bridal silk from her gowns. Each scrunchie is sewn and naturally dyed by hand in Chicago, and ideal for thick or thin hair.

20% of the proceeds from scrunchie sales will be donated to the ACLU.

Our silk scrunchies are dyed with red onion skins and marigold flowers.

Onion Skins are rich in tannin and are perfect for dyeing with kitchen extras. Onion skins yield soft taupes and mellow tans.

Marigolds have historically been used throughout the world for their medicinal, religious, and decorative properties. Marigold flowers yield dazzling  golden yellows.