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Natural Undies Blog — chemistry

Art at the edge of chaos: Shibori and Indigo

So what do we mean when we talk about shibori existing on the “edge of chaos”? Chaos as an idea has been part of science since the earliest Greek philosophers, although the mathematical descriptions are more recent, coming from careful analysis of solutions to non-linear equations in the late 19th century and came of special interest once computers were available for plotting those solutions.
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Custom Bridal Robes Dyed with Kitchen Extras :: A Collaboration with Goli June Bridal

One of the highlights of my residency at the Chicago Fashion Incubator has been meeting and collaborating with former-DIR, Goli June Bridal. One of Goli’s brides saw our work, and reached out about customizing a set of robes for her bridal party. Our bride chose an eco-dyed color scheme, perfect for her September wedding, that comprised of yellow onion skins, turmeric, used coffee grounds, and soda ash for her custom silk robes.
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