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Spring Peach Brief


I am so excited to debut Ms Amy Taylor's newest style! Our brief cut undies are made of sumptuously soft Tencel and are completely elastic-less to provide maximum style and comfort. 

The Spring Peach Brief is dyed with madder, henna, and tara + iron salts. 

Madder is one of the oldest known dye materials. They must grow underground for 3 years before they can be harvested for color.

Often used to dye skin and hair, Henna comes from the leaves of a shrub and are high in tannin, making the dye particularly colorfast.

Tara comes from the pod of a leguminous Peruvian tree of the same name. I then wash the dyed fabric in iron salts to alter the pH and push the dye to the beautiful purple-gray color you see in the band.

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